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Hatch Canada Camps Teach Coding and Robotics to Children

Peter Kuperman

A registered investment advisor, Peter Kuperman accumulated more than 13 years of experience as a professional investor. With a vision to create a fundamental computer science program for children, Peter Kuperman created Hatch Canada.

Hatch Canada offers children an opportunity to learn coding through classes, school programs and other events. From three volunteer coding clubs, Hatch Canada has grown into a diverse organization featuring more than 600 library projects. One of the ways Hatch offers computer science education is through the Hatch Canada Camps.
Hatch Canada Camps serves as a STEM camp for children, where they learn computer languages and robotics. In the first part of the program, children learn Javascript by building their own personal portfolio. Circuitry and robotics are introduced later on for application of scientific principles. Students also get to exercise their critical thinking skills and creativity.
Students have the option to participate in full-day or half-day classes during the week-long summer program. Hatch Canada Camps culminate in an outing to some sort of technology industry location, such as a game studio.

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